Early childhood is the time when children first become aware of differences among people and start to form opinions and attitudes about these differences (e.g., understanding the difference between a family member and a stranger or knowing the difference between males and females) (Australian Psychological Society, 2012). This awareness can impact on their social and emotional wellbeing, their learning and their social relationships.

One of ways to increase children’s awareness towards culture and diversity is through our school’s program, Culture Day. Culture Day is an annual event held by QLC School and this year we come up with “Unity in Diversity” as our main theme. The idea is to let our children know that our world has a very diverse cultural background yet we still can live in peace and love together. To support the idea, each class of our talented students will represent a nation world-wide, including Indonesia. As representing the nation, they are allowed to learn deeper about the culture, such as its iconic symbols, culinary, or dances. Some of them will show spectacular performances. We hope this event will build love and pride of our nation (Indonesia) and open up students’ insight into world cultural diversity. By having different cultures, we will respect each other’s differences even better.


The aims of this event are:

  • To introduce variety of culture from around the world to the students.
  • To foster student’s love of Indonesia as their nation.
  • To increase student’s insight and knowledge to  the world cultural diversity.


Venue : QLC School

Date : December 2018

Participant : 210 students, also parents, all teachers and staff and local communities